Enterprises leveraging FinMetrix Life Sciences platform achieve total visibility of their product development life cycle (PDLC)

FinMetrix Life Sciences platform enables our clients to have a holistic view of their PDLC including ongoing and planned programs, finances and resource utilization. All of this for pre-clinical and clinical programs whether independent investigator or enterprise initiated.

Single source of truth

An star schema data warehouse is at the base of the platform
Program management, clinical trials, human resource and financial data are all correlated and integrated in one database
Likelihood of approval, probability of running and other value added information is input through functionality available in the platform

Risk, Data Quality and Early Warning

Early warning system alerts to missed or likely to be missed required milestones providing visibility to projects at risk within the portfolio
Early warning system allows for timely corrective actions avoiding costly FDA denials
Early warning system captures delays in patient recruitment and abandonment rate giving protocol leaders visibility into potential study delays
Early warning system provides classification functionality thus enabling root cause analysis and elimination of factors that cause delays and abandonment

Product pipeline analysis and reporting

Future view of risk adjusted drug development portfolio across geographies, therapeutic areas, diseases, indications, etc. for all clinical milestones
Forecast of regulatory milestones and stage gates by geography, therapeutic area, disease, indication, etc.
Current state of drug development portfolio, rate of patient recruitment, by study site and study phase as well as by therapeutic area, disease and indication
Current portfolio performance relative to targeted milestones and submissions

Production planning and scheduling

Production planning based on forecasted clinical trial milestones, patient acquisition rate and total number of patients
Integration of production schedules with budget and resource utilization information to provide a holistic view of production pipeline across compounds
Synchronization between clinical trials and production of drug substance, delivery mechanism and dosage is all accomplished within a single analytical platform
Tight integration with source systems ensures real time analysis and timely decisions