FinMetrix employs Lean principles in all aspects of what we do. When it concerns software development, we live by agile principles, we are convinced that we provide the best value to our clients by excelling at Agile, continuous development and continuous integration processes and DevOps culture.

We combine proven methods such as Agile and Lean with the latest advancements such as CI/CD and DevOps
to provide extraordinary benefits to our clients


  • Kaizen sessions are used to gather accurate user requirements
  • Rapid prototyping allows for frequent user testing and feedback
  • Application design process is tightly linked with agile software development
  • DevOps pipeline ensures frequent (daily) application versioning
  • Continuous automated testing results in functioning software and audit trail
  • Frequent user acceptance testing of “small chunks” of software accelerates application time to market
  • Closed loop continuous integration, continuous development ensures we get better all the time