Enterprises leveraging FinMetrix Customer Experience platform have a 360 degree view of their performance both from the customers point of view and internally from within enterprise operations

FinMetrix Customer Experience platform enables our clients to gather customer feedback from all communication channels and store it in a centralized repository

Survey Jinni

Easy to use graphical interface for questionnaire development
A collection of pre-developed survey questions ready to be combined into questionnaires
Automated questionnaire deployment to any communication channel: website, call center agent (internal or external), mobile devices, etc.
Customer response capture and storage in a data store specifically designed for customer response analysis

Customer Satisfaction Analytics

Pre-built dashboards for customer experience measurement
Standard KPIs such as net promoter score NPS
Target setting functionality puts current performance in perspective of desired level of customer service
Specially designed data store enables correlation of customer feedback with enterprise data or other data sources (demographic, geographic, etc.)

Integrated Data Store

Customer responses are time stamped and stored enabling trend over time analysis
Customer responses are stored and correlated to customer/prospect records enabling behavioral analysis
Customer response data is enriched by data from external and internal sources providing unparalleled insight
Data store architecture allows for aggregation at any level, drill-down, drill-up and lateral analysis